Sail With Us

We offer full theoretical and practical training in both Thai and English.

Introductory classes by James Mutter

Our course is a 5-6 week theoretical class, anyone with any kind of disability is welcome to register.
A series of shore-based sessions are held to explain the principles of sailing and to promote a desire to use sailing as a method of escape the fetters of the normal world.
Here we learn the methods of getting out on the water for able-bodied and less-able

Who can participate?


Anybody with a disability can participate, Thai or foreigner. So far, people that have shown interests are physically disabled (quadriplegic, paraplegic and amputee).Our currents team has two sailors that are paraplegics, one quadriplegic, and one amputee.
We currently have 4 registered sailors. All our sailors have now an official sailor ID from World Sailing and can now participate in any competition.

Practical Sailing lessons