Who are we?

       Disabled Sailing Thailand has become the first sailing club for persons with disabilities in Thailand. Sailing is not only very therapeutic but it also empowers persons with disabilities and gives them the freedom and mobility that is often lacking in their lives. 

       Persons with disabilities face a lot of challenges in their everyday life. Simple tasks that ordinary people perform on a daily basis (i.e. shower, dressing up, brushing teeth or even having a meal) as routine are extremely delicate and difficult to those suffering from disabilities. But there are plenty of activities that disabled persons can engage in, in order to help them mentally, socially and physically.

How we began?

       The birth of the project happened when Peter Jacops an avid sailor, boat building teacher and a specialist CE inspector for the certification of yachts, was looking for boats for the disabled. He was unable to find a good and affordable one so he posted a small note on his Facebook page. He asked if any designer would be willing to help him create a low cost sailing boat specifically for disabled people and make it freely available to all.

        Alex Simonis and Marten Voogd of Simonis Voogd Design took up the challenge to design a new affordable competitive boat for persons with disabilities, called SV14.

Long term Goal

Our long term and ultimate goal is to help persons with disabilities to improve their quality of life with better opportunities and for those that develop a skill for sailing to help them represent Thailand in international regattas and eventually the Asian Para-games and the Para-Olympics